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You sound a lot like myself when I was your age. I was a single mother and raised a son. He is now grown and has three of his own. I didn't like leaving my son but did my best to make sure he was with family or had a nanny of sorts ( live-in babysitter, friends teenager, etc.). When I was home I made sure we did almost everything together. I had to work three different jobs to make ends meet. I worked a graveyard shift for sometime. Went to work when he went to bed, home in time to send him to school, slept and studied in the day and was there when he came home. I admit it wasn't easy. You have to want to succeed and stand on your own two feet. Remember, God only gives you what you can handle.

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Support Your Local Single Mother, spend more time with her Child! I am a single Mother, I work full-time, and live paycheck to paycheck. I miss my son everyday, and it hurts me so much to leave him at a questionable babysitter everyday because that's all I can afford, he's such a smart boy, and I know he deserves more right now, WHen I see him after work he is stressed out, and he's mad at me, for not being with him. I belive in staying home with your children, and I am in great pain to have to leave him, I am missing out on the best years of his life, working my but off behind a desk, underpaid, I went to school for what I'm doing now, yet I don't have anything. I want to go back to school. I want a higher education,than a A.S. Degree. I want to be able to be with my son more, and only have to put him in daycare for 15-20 hours a week instead of 50 I belive this is so so important, he needs to be with his mother, his family, To grow up with lots of love, guidance and someone who cares that he knows his ABC's, and his manners, etc. I want to go to school to get a better higher paying job, to do better for us

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